David Rann of Fotofilia in Birmingham – a friend and all-round nice guy – allowed me to tag along with his photographic group on an ‘urban shoot’. The model was Michelle Grice who (as well as being very beautiful) was excellent as a model in that she knew what poses to adopt without much prompting, was also happy to try any suggestions made by the group – and brought several outfit changes – and most of all didn’t mind the cold!

I took a lot of photos – most of them when not connected to David’s portable lighting system as I found myself hoping I could catch Michelle looking less ‘posed’ and more natural. I was pleased with some of the shots and technically they are much better than my normal pics because of David’s guidance. However I really felt that all I was doing was pressing the button .. the work was being done by David, the lighting rig, the model and the location. I was just the technician .. So in some ways I was more pleased by the more natural shots I took (as they had something of me in them ..)

Good experience .. hopefully will do something similar again soon.