We’ve had to present our first photography project on David Rann’s Advanced Photography course.

I spent a while trying to decide what to do. I thought about doing photos ‘in the style of’ Michael Hughes. He buys cheap souvenirs of tourist attraction and then holds them in front of the actual thing and takes a picture. I thought I could try it with things nearer to home e.g. substituting a toy car for my actual car. It did work but it just didn’t look that good.

I mulled over the other themes (Heros, The Circle, Me Myself I, Blow Up etc) and decided to do it ‘in the style of’ Robert Doisneau. The main things that struck me about his photos were that most of them are square, black & white, of people, taken in his home town, and tell a story. So I got up really early on a Sunday and went into Worcester (in the rain) and took a few pics. You can see them on the Photography > Photo Projects page. http://www.markwakefield.com/project-photos

Hope you like them. (Unfortunately this page only shows rectangular images)