I decided to learn to take ‘studio’ type photos. The reason being that I’d like (one day) to be able to take commercial photos (to make some money). Yes – it’s not (at the moment) about ‘art’ necessarily. It’s about justifying the amount of time and money invested by getting some sort of monetary return. So I ordered a ‘studio lighting kit’. At the moment I don’t have a studio but at least if I know how to use the equipment – and how to get the best out of it – I might know what to do in a studio should I ever find myself in one … Yesterday my new strobe lights arrived. There are 3 of them, with stands, umbrellas and softboxes plus a background stand and large backround sheets. I quickly set up one light and took a few pictures of my daughter Ruth. It took a while to get the exposure about right (and it helped when I put some batteries in the remote sensor – my excuse was that there were no instructions with any of the kit!) and eventually I got a couple of OK shots – Here’s one of the pictures ..