My First Attempt at Writing a Book – Aged 53

On a long, boring and lonely weekend in October 2012 I started writing a few sentences in Word on my Mac. I was thinking about how there are times when you have to hold back, to show restraint, otherwise you might say how you’re really feeling (and perhaps offend someone) or you might hit someone (and end up hurting them, or in court) and so on.

Presumably there are certain controls in our brain which help us show restraint. Some people’s control will be stronger than others and sometimes events of actions may get in the way of those controls and we can hold back no longer …

The story of RESTRAINT is about a man who meets two strangers and between them they plan to rob a bank of £3,000,000. These aren’t thugs or sophisticated criminal masterminds, or desperate dangerous people. They are three regular middle-class people who each have their reasons ..

Do they succeed? And if they do, can they cope with their conscience?

You’ll have to read it to find out.