Skippered Up & Stripey

After a week’s intensive practical around the Greek Islands under guidance and expertise of Peter Newman we all just passed our Day Skipper (non tidal) course so we can skipper a yacht in the Mediterranean, Lakes and the Caribbean. It was a steep learning curve for us (particularly the sailing elements)  so it was a great relief to find we had all passed.

It was also the first time for a while when me and my sons Daniel & Jack had spent any real time together (Daniel lives in Norway and Jack lives in London) so it was very nice to have to work as a team (and I think they enjoyed being skippers with me as the bilge rat for a day).

Sailing in the Greek Islands

In a few days I’ll be sailing around the Greek Islands with my two sons while doing the practical part of my Day Skippers licence. I’m really looking forward to it. Spending time with my sons will be great – and the Greek Islands are just the most beautiful places in the world (well – of the world I’ve seen so far anyway ..). The azure blue sea and the heat. Can’t wait.