Google Search Results Are Rubbish Now

Google is constantly amending it’s algorithm. It’s trying to distance itself from Bing and other search engines by bringing up what it considers to be better results. Unfortunately they aren’t better. The results are a lot worse now than they were this time last year.

Their exact match domain update means that companies who named themselves after what they do and were doing it long enough to have purchased the domain describing what they do before some else did have now been penalised. Glasses UK ( for example was the first online prescription glasses seller in the UK. For many years if you searched for Glasses UK you got the Glasses UK website Now you don’t. You can try searching for Glasses UK – but you won’t find it.

The same thing has happened to thousands of companies across the world. So now when you are searching, you are not being shown the best results. You are being shown what Google considers a superior set of results. But they aren’t. In fact they are rubbish. Google needs to take a step back, have a long look at itself, stop being so arrogant and start showing the real results – or people will turn away and Google will wither and die ..